American Pepsi

4. NBT.5 – Multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one digit whole number, and multiply two two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and properties of operations.

Act 1


What do you notice?  What do you wonder?

Focus Questions -

  • How many boxes are there?  
  • How many cans of Cherry Pepsi (red boxes) are there?
  • How many cans of Diet Pepsi (white boxes) are there?
  • How many cans of Pepsi (blue boxes) are there?

Bonus Question -- How much would it cost if you bought the entire flag?

Act 2


Each box contains 12 cans of cola.

Act 3

Pepsi (blue boxes) = 48 boxes

Cherry Pepsi (red boxes) = 90 boxes

Diet Pepsi (white boxes) = 71 boxes

Pepsi - 576 cans

Cherry Pepsi - 1080 cans

Diet Pepsi - 852 cans

Bonus question 

If bought at $5.49 per box individually --total cost $1147.41

If bought at $2.99 in multiples of 4 --- 208 boxes would cost $621.92