“Learning Loss”

This new found term “learning loss” has been floating around on media and out of politicians’ mouths for months now. I’m concerned about this term.

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One year….

f there was any year that will be the most memorable year in any educators’ careers, I’m guessing that this will be the year. 2020 going into 2021 was/has been a challenge for any teacher.

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Percent on a Number Line

Rather than teaching students about the part to whole ratio and making it into a proportion, I was asking them to do word searches to find the clues.

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Grassroots Workshops

Have you ever been a part of a process that just fascinated you? That’s the only way to describe my summer project. With this one project, I learned so much.

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How to Make a Conference Worth Your While

It’s conference season.  To date, I’ve been to 2 conferences (Northwest and CMC-South) and am packing up to head to CMC-North in Pacific Grove, CA.  It’ll be a 5 hour drive up north, but it’ll be worth it when I see the gorgeous ocean and the scenic views.  Oh…and all the learning that my brain can soak up.   For the first time in …