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Adversity Teaches Life Lessons

This summer I attended CAMT as a featured speaker in San Antonio Texas.  The CAMT board had asked me to do a passion piece in addition to my clothesline math sessions. Besides math, what else am I passionate about? An idea had dawned on me.  How could I tell my story of breast cancer and all the lessons I learned? …

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Dear Math

“Dear Math” is an insightful work about perceptions and student’s negative feelings toward math. Most importantly, how can teachers create positive learning environments in their math classes?

“Learning Loss”

This new found term “learning loss” has been floating around on media and out of politicians’ mouths for months now. I’m concerned about this term.

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One year….

f there was any year that will be the most memorable year in any educators’ careers, I’m guessing that this will be the year. 2020 going into 2021 was/has been a challenge for any teacher.

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Percent on a Number Line

Rather than teaching students about the part to whole ratio and making it into a proportion, I was asking them to do word searches to find the clues.

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Grassroots Workshops

Have you ever been a part of a process that just fascinated you? That’s the only way to describe my summer project. With this one project, I learned so much.