I have come across so many blogs and websites that have been helpful.  As I come across more, I’ll keep adding to the list.  I’m all about sharing.

Which One Doesn’t Belong – get the students talking with these pics.

Emergent Math – love their problem based curriculum based maps.  (grades 3 +)

Math Talks -Great examples of math talks

Questioning My Cognition – 3 act lessons

Open Middle – open ended questions that challenge students thinking

Number Talk Images – more images for number talks

101 Questions – love these images and ideas for 3 act lessons.

Estimation 180 – work on number sense in getting the kids to estimate (gr. 4 +)

Fraction Talks – new site for number talks with fractions ((gr. 3 +)

Number Strings – informative site on number strings

Georgia Standards – great comprehensive units for K-5

Illustrative Math –


Blogs from other Math coaches, leaders

Exit 10A – Joe Schwartz is an elementary math coach in NJ.

Math Minds – Kristin Gray

Marilyn Burns Math Blog 

Overthinking my Teaching – by Christopher Danielson

Following Learning – by Simon Gregg

Teaching to the Beat of a Different Drummer – Brian Stockus

Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had – Tracy Zager