I have come across so many blogs and websites that have been helpful. As I come across more, I’ll keep adding to the list. I’m all about sharing.

Lessons from Other Sites Notes
Which One Doesn’t Belong Get the students talking with these pictures
Emergent Math Love their problem based curriculum based maps (Gr. 3+)
Math Talks Great examples of math talks
Questioning My Cognition 3 act lessons
Open Middle Open ended questions that challenge students thinking
Number Talk Images More images for number talks
101 Questions Love these images and ideas for 3 act lessons.
Estimation 180 Work on number sense in getting the kids to estimate (Gr. 4+)
Fraction Talks New site for number talks with fractions (Gr. 3+)
Number Strings Informative site on number strings
Georgia Standards Great comprehensive units for K-5
Berkley Everett Lots of amazing visuals for math. Check out the math shirts!

Blogs from Other Math Coaches & Leaders Source
Exite 10A Joe Schwartz
Math Minds Kristin Gray
Marilyn Burns Math Blog Marilyn Burns Math Blog
Overthinking my Teaching Christopher Danielson
Following Learning Simon Gregg
Teaching to the Beat of a Different Drummer
Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had Tracy Zager