Clothesline Math has been a growing trend in mathematics education. I saw Andrew Stadel give a talk on it (back in 2015), however it was geared toward middle school and high school math. My mind, never shutting off, was pondering how to make it fit for my elementary teachers. And in my research, there aren’t many elementary clothesline cards out there.

Clotheslines become interactive number lines. Students are able to manipulate cards to show proportional reasoning, precision, equality between numbers, and magnitude. The clothesline builds students’ number sense. It’s a routine that can work from kindergarten through high school.

Did you know that the number line is mentioned in the Common Core Standards 26 times from 2nd grade through 8th grade?

Each set of cards has been designed to have equal cards as well as multiple representations. They are all PDF files. 

Number Lines Suggested Grade Levels
0-5 TK, Kinder
0-8 TK, Kinder
0-10 Kinder
0-10(2nd Set) Kinder
3-15(Kinder) (ten frames & dot images) Kinder
0-20(Kinder) (ten frames & dominoes) Kinder, First
Shapes Kinder
Weight Kinder
Clothesline Number Path (using savvy subitizing cards) Kinder - designed by Mrs.Unsworth
0-50 First, Second
0-100 Second, Third
10-200 Second, Third
Cents (Money) Second, Third
2nd Base ten (base ten & expanded form) Second, Third
Time Second, Third
Oreo Fractions Second, Third
Equivalent Fractions Second, Third
Multiplication (3rd) Third
Fractions (3rd) Third
Fractions (4th) Fourth
Fractions Squares Fourth/Fifth
Decimals Fifth
Fractions, Decimals, Percents (6th) Sixth
Integers (6th) Sixth
Percents (6th) Sixth
FDPERC (fraction, decimal, percent activity) Sixth

Create Your Own


Double 10Frame


Decimals (Hundreds Grid)


Fraction, Decimal, Percent

Articles on Clothesline June 2018CL


Post Title Suggested Grade Levels
Names Kinder
Cents Second
Fractions Third, Fourth
Weight Kinder, Sixth
Clothesline Math All Grades