1. I plan to use the clothesline in my first grade classroom this coming school year. I will make it a daily routine that the students and I do at the beginning and end of the day. We will start with 0-5, 5-10, 0-10, 0-15, 0-20, 0-25,0-30, 0-35, 0-40, 0-50, 0-60,0-70, 0-80, 0-90, 0-100, 0-120, 0-130, 0-140,0-150,0-180, 0-200.
    My class consists of many ability levels from focus to accelerated learners. in small math groups we will count forward and backward . I will ask them what patterns do they see. Students will be asked to explain their mathematical thinking and to share what ways we can count to 10, 40, 60, 80, 100, etc.
    I am so excited to begin the new schoolyear using this awesome new learning tool. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    1. Hi Gloria, I’m so happy to hear of your plans. Clothesline Math is definitely a routine that will strengthen your students’ number sense. Would love to hear how it goes. Email me if you have questions. I have some game-type activities for Clothesline Math that will be useful too.

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