An Ode to Math TShirts

An unusual occurrence happened during my session at the Virtual Math Summit (held by Build Math Minds).  During my pre-recorded session, many participants were noticing my math shirts.  They all wanted to know where they can get some of my math shirts.

I’ve been collecting math shirts for my whole career.   I don’t just collect any math shirt.  They have to have positive vibes, full of puns, and original.

Below is a sampling of my collection.  My personal favorite  is  “Thanks for Nothing Zero.”  You can usually find me wearing them at math conferences (when I’m not presenting) or at school especially on Fridays.  They tend to start a conversation which gives me a smile.

I can’t even tell you where I got most of these.  I find them all over.  However, I decided to start recreating these at a Spreadshop store.   It’s here that you can get many of these designs and more!!  The proceeds to my shirt shop will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

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