What is your biggest “ick” with PD?

This question has been recently rattling around in my head.  And I’m dreading what my district will come up with when we get our student-free day in January.    A few days ago…I saw this question…”What’s your biggest *ICK* when it comes to PD?”   Take a look….


One of my favorite PD horrors was last year.  Grades 3-6 were to sit in a cafeteria for a district sponsored PD on reading strategies.  The district purely wanted teachers to focus on reading.  In the morning, we got a lecture on reading done by a company called 95%.  Right off the bat, they announce, this is for grades 3-5.  I teach 6th grade, but still was forced to endure this information.  Fine…I’m a professional and will do what you ask of me.  However, after sitting through the last hour on comprehension skills, we were told that we aren’t going to use that part of the program in our classrooms. Seriously?  Then WHY DID YOU MAKE ME SIT THROUGH THAT?   

I have so many more thoughts on PD….the good…the bad…and the ugly…that I will be writing about in future blog posts.

For now….what are your thoughts on PD?   

Until next time,


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