Calif. Math Council Takeaways

Besides the rush of presenting, I attended a whole mess of sessions that left me thinking. Here are some highlights/ideas I was left pondering….(writing this helps me digest what I saw)

Cathy Fosnot – Conferring & Questioning to Spark Deeper Understanding

  • The goal of a conferral is not to fix the math, but support the development of the math.
  • You don’t raise scores with tasks; they raise from developing mathematicians.
  • 3 Goals of a Good Conferral – listen & clarifying, celebrating, and challenging.

Megan Franke From Counting to Problem Solving – Supporting the Development of Understanding from Each Student

  • We never master things, because there’s always more to learn.  
  • Counting collections develop number sense, organization, and struggles (80-120)
  • How can we use what they do know about counting to engage students in problem solving?

The IGNITE talks had a few calls to action…

  • Do something to increase the level of communication
  • Choose one call and measure daily.  Only give feedback if healthy
  • Students ability to visualize math is important.
  • #ObserveMe – open your doors & learning from the best —-> each other!
  • Teach every student as if they’re future mathematicians
  • Love your students

Lucy West – 

  • Does discourse promote learning?
  • How you interact will greatly impact what you will do.


During Saturday, I went wondering around and saw a familiar face.  It happened to be Annie Fetter from The Math Forum.  She introduced the math educators to a strategy called “Notice and Wonder.” Upon seeing her, I went up and had a chat with her.  She was such an unassuming, lively educator.  We chatted about her work, my work and had a fine time.  She even agreed to a selfie! Yes…that’s the Notice and Wonder lady (youtube it!)img_8526

CMC 2016 was quite memorable.  This year, I focused my sessions on K-2 sessions.  Next year, I do want to branch out a bit.  My collaborator and I are thinking of presenting again, but it’s too early to decide.  However, I did notice that there’s not as many presentations geared for kindergarten.  Why is that?  And yet…there’s a need.  There are kinder teachers wanting more information.   

Until next time…


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